Our Team

Martheus Wade

Martheus began his career as an intern at Signature Advertising and has worked as a graphic designer and art director for various advertising agencies. His design, illustration and brand identity work can be seen with the Memphis Redbirds, the Memphis Grizzlies, Idea Design Works, Hasbro, and Universal Studios.

LaDell Beamon

LaDell Beamon brings community outreach, commercial editing and media buying to the MAW Productions Team. He is the CEO of Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis as well as a musician, writer, actor, producer, director and minister of the Gospel.

Kevin Williams

With many years’ experience and a background in art and design, including many awards for customer service through the years, Kevin is always enthusiastic about helping clients obtain their best branding possibilities.

Shandon Allen

Years of travel and research in the financial sector of business has helped Shandon Allen bring a wealth of sales and banking knowledge to the MAW Productions team. He also holds over 39 years of martial arts experience in various systems and is the owner and head instructor of Nacao Capoeira Memphis.

Ben Jabbour

As an experienced international business professional with a focus on Latin American markets, Ben Jabbour brings a strong background in sales, community engagement, and legal and compliance guidelines serving the city. Ben Jabbour has always had a passion for the arts and sees working with MAW Productions the perfect bridge between communities.

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